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> 5 top tips for improving your climbing technique

5 top tips for improving your climbing technique

5 top tips to improving your climbing technique

5 top tips for improving your climbing technique

I’m Paul. I’m the Centre Manager here at Climb Quest Milton Keynes. What I love most about Climb Quest as an activity is how suitable it is for all ages, abilities and confidence levels. Nervous and beginner climbers can build their confidence on walls like the Big Cheese and Ascendor. More confident climbers can test themselves on our harder walls like the beanstalk-like Triffid and the spinning Orbital, and beat their best time on Speed Climb. My 5 top tips for improving your climbing technique and building your confidence will help climbers of all abilities.

Did you know that there are 100’s of different climbing challenges you can try here at Climb Quest? With every visit, you can achieve new heights!

Here are my 5 top tips for improving your climbing technique and building your confidence:

1. Top Out Challenges

How many of our walls can you reach the top of and hit the button or high five stickers? Keep practising and that number will grow. Most of our walls are made up of multiple panels so if you can’t reach the top at first, keep a track of how many panels you can get to and work on getting a bit higher each time.

2. Points Challenges

Most of our walls have 3 set challenges that are displayed at the bottom of each wall. The challenges give you different ways to reach the top of the wall. You get 10 points for the easiest route, 15 points for the medium route and 20 points for the hardest route. Keep a count of your points and see how many you can score over your session. Can you beat your score the next time you visit?

3. Mountain Challenges

The Climb Quest walls are on average 8 metres high. Keep a count of how many walls you’ve climbed and you can work out what famous landmarks or mountains you have climbed the equivalent height of.

Here are some examples:

  • Climb 3 walls and you have reached the equivalent height of Buckingham Palace which is 24 metres high
  • Big Ben – 96 metres = 12 walls
  • Eiffel Tower – 300 metres = 38 walls
  • Ben Nevis – 1,345 metres = 168 walls
  • Mount Everest – 8,849 m = 1,106 walls

If you don’t reach the top, you can still see you how high you’ve climbed by working out if you get ¼ way, ½ way, or ¾ way up the wall. Why not get everyone in your group to count their climbs and you can have a team score?

4. Speed Climb Challenge

Speed Climbing is one of the three disciplines in Olympic climbing. Climb like an Olympian and set your best time on our timed Speed Climb walls. Race your friends to see who gets the gold medal time. Keep a track of how fast you can get to the top and work to get your time down. Can you beat 30 seconds? 20 seconds? 10 seconds? Why not challenge one of the instructors???

5. Triffid Challenge

Looking like a giant green beanstalk, the Triffid is our hardest climbing wall. Weeks can go by without a customer reaching the top – how high can you reach? This is a perfect wall to track your progress. Keep practising, plan the route you take and use the climbing techniques you’re developing during your sessions at Climb Quest Milton Keynes, and in time you will conquer the Triffid!

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The team and I look forward to welcoming you to the centre for your next Climb Quest Challenge.

Keep rocking,

Paul, Centre Manager, Climb Quest Milton Keynes