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Charity events

Climb Quest Milton Keynes can provide the perfect venue for your next engaging and fun charity challenge for companies.  Choose between three different challenges for companies with teams of between 6 and 36 people.

Charity fundraising nights at Climb Quest Milton Keynes

Fun, engaging charity events

We work with local charities in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas to provide a venue for engaging, challenging and fun charity events in Milton Keynes.

For just £250, you can rent the climbing arena for two hours, and invite teams of people who are climbing to raise money for your charity.

As a charity, you are responsible for finding your teams, and deciding whether there is an entrance charge, or whether each team needs to commit to raising a certain amount of money.

We will provide the venue, and manage the climbing and challenges on the night, alongside your representative.  We give everyone a full safety briefing before they climb.

Refreshments are available from our cafe at an extra cost.

Challenges for charity

We have three charity challenges:

  1. Ben Nevis
  2. Three Peaks
  3. Everest

Ben Nevis

The Ben Nevis challenges works really well for six teams of six people.  Within an hour, each team needs to climb 168 walls (28 walls per person) which is the equivalent of the height of Ben Nevis (1,344m).

Three Peaks

This challenge is harder, with the team needing to climb 380 walls (3,045m), the same as the UK's highest peaks, Ben Nevis, Snowdon, Scafell Pike.  This challenge is best done with either two teams going quickly, or one team taking a bit more easy!


Mount Everest is 8,848m (1,106 walls).  This challenge is best for just one team of 36 climbers, who each need to climb 31 walls each.



Climb for Cancer

In October 2019, we hosted an event at our sister centre, Clip 'n Climb Cambridge, for the amazing charity, Something To Look Forward to.  Click here to read about their event.

Additional challenges

To add a bit of extra drama to your event, we can also host the following within your time at Climb Quest:

  • Speedwall Challenge
  • Triffid climb - who can climb our hardest walls?

Invite companies to join the fun

There is something for everyone at Climb Quest Milton Keynes, whether the company have 36 keen climbers, or whether they have just 6.  As a charity, you could invite companies that you have an existing link with, or use this as an opportunity to work with new companies.

You may want to have a range of companies participating, or you may wish to invite companies from similar industries to compete against each other for the quickest time.

Raising money

These events are for people with climbing experience, as well as complete novices.  Companies that have participated in them have not found it hard to raise money for these challenges, with an average of £3,000 being raised from six teams from six companies.

Please note that all monies raised are for your charity to collect.

times of the charity events in milton keynes

Our events can be held on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursdays, at 6.30pm.  Generally the events take two hours, including a full safety briefing.

COntact us to find out more

To check availability, to ask any questions, please contact us on 01908 348 900 or email.

Times and availability will also be dependent on Covid-guidelines at the time.

Schools - Colleges
Our friendly instructors are always on hand to help people climb at Clip 'n Climb Cambridge.