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Climb Fit

Join us for our Climb Fit Milton Keynes sessions, open to all 16yrs +. Climbing builds strength and stamina, and perfect for a cardio or strength workout.  No experience required.

Climb Fit at Climb Quest

What is Climb Fit?

Climb Fit is a session at Climb Quest Milton Keynes that caters to adults who are looking for something fresh and new to add into their fitness routine. You will work all core muscles, build strength and stamina and - most of all - have great fun!

Climbing instructors are here to motivate you and guide you through our different climbing challenges. Whether it's technical climbing challenges or repetition training, you can choose the challenges that you go for, or just challenge yourself.  You can try lots of different climbing walls as part of Climb Fit Milton Keynes, that vary in difficulty.

How long do sessions last?

Sessions last for 60 minutes. You begin with a safety briefing, harnessing and then climbing between 7 and 8pm.  During your safety briefing, you will be introduced to our clipping system called Belaymate, and fitted with your harness.

When is the next Climb Fit session?

Check out all of our Climb Fit sessions on our Facebook events page.

How much does the session cost?

Tickets for Climb Fit are £10 per climber.

Book now!

Book online by choosing the date you would like to attend, and then choosing the Climb Fit package