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Extreme Challenges

The Extreme Challenges are only available to those participating in a full Climb Quest session. There is a recommended minimum height of 120cm for both challenges.

These challenges cost £2.50 each to take part in.

The Vertical Drop Slide

The Vertical Drop Slide is our only challenge where you are not clipped onto the climbing rope. Sliders firstly put on a racing suit plus safety helmet. You then lie on the bottom of the slide and take hold of the t-bar, connected to the winch that will lift you towards the top of the 8 metre drop. The slide has number marks to see how high you can stay on. This is a fantastically fun challenge, but reasonable strength and grip is needed to reach the top.

Drop slide
Drop slide


Balance and bravery are needed to reach the top of the Stairway to Heaven, a set of 13 poles that gradually increase in height. Enjoy a panoramic view of the centre from the top pole before you jump off back to ground level. For an extra challenge, can you climb up handsfree?

Stairway to heaven
Stairway to heaven

We are so excited to have this award-winning digital attraction at Climb Quest Milton Keynes. There are a range of games or skill levels to try. Take on a solo challenge or race against a friend. For more information visit our ValoClimb page.

Valoclimb Climb Quest MK Whack-a-bat