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Home Ed Hangout


Home Ed Hangout are our weekday sessions, where home educated families enjoy a discount rate on our 60-minute climbing sessions. It’s a great opportunity to arrange to meet other home educated families to enjoy our climbing arena and on-site café.

Our friendly and experienced instructors support the children through each action-packed session.  If the children want to our instructors can provide games, challenges, and help with climbing technique, as well as letting children just climb!

Home Ed Hangout


Join us for our 60-minute climbing sessions during the week, with a special rate of £8.50 for those in the Home Ed community! The Home Ed Hangout also include two tickets for our Extreme Challenges – the Vertical Drop Slide and the Stairway to Heaven.

Please note that this session runs alongside our Weekday Saver sessions, and are not a dedicated Home Education session.

Find Home Ed Hangout tickets under 'Climbing Sessions' on our booking site.

What you get from our Home Education sessions?

  • Confidence building
  • The opportunity to make new friends from other families that home educate
  • Taking part in a fun and healthy activity
  • Achievement and individual challenges.

No experience is necessary, and our instructors are on the arena to help climbers.

How long do sessions last?

Sessions last for 60 minutes that includes a short safety briefing, climbing and de-harnessing.

How much does the session cost?

The session costs £8.50 per climber, a discount of £1.50 per climber on our general Weekday Saver sessions.  This includes two tokens to our Extreme Challenges, the Stairway to Heaven and the Vertical Drop Slide.

Join our Facebook group!

We have a closed Facebook group specifically for families of home educated children, who want to keep in touch with us about climbing. Visit our Facebook page to find the group.

Book now!

Find tickets to our Home Ed Hangout sessions, search under 'Climbing Tickets' on our booking site.

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