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> School Games events at Climb Quest Milton Keynes

School Games events at Climb Quest Milton Keynes

School Games 2023

School Games events at Climb Quest Milton Keynes

Organised by local School Sports Partnerships, the School Games aim to provide more opportunities for young people in their area to compete and achieve their personal best.

These aims fit very well with the positive outcomes young people take from their sessions at Climb Quest, and so the organisers of the School Games in Luton, Milton Keynes and South Bucks have all held a day of climbing sessions at the centre as part of their schedule of activities.

Between four and six schools from each area took part and every student had an hour’s experience of climbing.

Students were able to try out over 20 different climbing walls, from simpler ones such as Amazing and Big Cheese, to the tougher walls like Orbital and Triffid. They also were able to have a go on the two Extreme Challenges; balancing up the green poles of the Stairway to Heaven, and holding on as long as possible up the Vertical Drop Slide, before experiencing a free fall slide back to the bottom.

Students with mobility issues were able to use our assistance climbing hoist, so the events could be inclusive for everyone.

The School Games events have been a great success, seen here by some of the feedback from teachers and pupils:

Let’s hear from the organisers!

Vicki Dockerill, the Luton School Games organiser, tweeted on the day of their event: “A fantastic experience for everyone, many trying climbing for the first time and great to see them in in confidence as the day goes on.”

“Just wanted to drop a quick email to say a HUGE THANK YOU, on behalf of myself, the schools and pupils today. It was great to meet you all today. The staff were all knowledgeable and so welcoming, it really made it an enjoyable day for all involved. The centre was honestly fantastic and met everybody’s needs today” Rachel Hutchinson, South Bucks School Sports Partnership Manager

More great feedback

“Fantastic experience for the children, trying something different – particularly for this group of children who might never usually have the opportunity. Great to see the children grow in confidence as the session progressed, everyone had a great time! Nathan Prime, Teacher at Maidenhall Primary School

“Today was the best day, we all came together and had fun.” Maidenhall Primary School pupil

“This was the best day ever” Denbigh Primary School pupil

“I was so impressed with how high I went, I didn’t think I could do it. I had to be resilient and motivated to carry on.” Denbigh Primary School pupil

Planning on organising your school’s next activity trip?

Climb Quest Milton Keynes is a ‘fun’ climbing centre, uniquely suitable as an inclusive and engaging adventurous activity for all school aged children and young people in both mainstream and specialist schools. This fit comes from a combination of over 20 amazing looking walls that are suitable for all abilities and confidence levels, other specialist equipment and award-winning customer service and support from the Climb Quest team.

The feedback from schools has been fantastic, particularly around how positive the experience has been for building students’ confidence, especially for their SEND students.

Find out more about our school sessions.