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> Youth Group Activities in Milton Keynes

Youth Group Activities in Milton Keynes

Youth group activities in Milton Keynes

Youth Group Activities in Milton Keynes

Covid-secure adventures for all kinds of youth groups – call today!

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Where Climbing Centre meets theme park

Do you run a youth group in Milton Keynes? Are you looking for an adventure activity to keep them entertained? Maybe you’re thinking, ‘What on earth can we find for our young people that’s fun and safe?’. Well – the solution is right here in Milton Keynes. Climb Quest – an indoor climbing centre for people of all ages, where the focus is on fun and safety.

The Covid Crisis – Youth groups are exempt from ‘the rule of 6’

We take this pandemic seriously. The safety of our customers, visitors and staff is a non-negotiable priority. But – did you know? Organised youth groups are exempt from ‘the rule of 6’.

The team at Climb Quest have put their heads together – we’ve set up Climb Quest to be Covid-secure for everyone. We’re offering the perfect fun and safe activities for organised youth groups.

For those of 11 years of age or older, face masks are required as they arrive and leave Climb Quest – but not when they are using our equipment or seated in the café area.

Activities for young people in Milton Keynes – what are you looking for?

    • Unique climbing challenges – to include all abilities and levels of confidence?
      Experienced climbers will love the challenge of ‘the Triffid’!
      Less experienced or nervous group members will have a great time on one of our easier climbs, such as ‘Amazing’.
    • Somewhere that young people can develop their develop life skills and self-esteem?
      Conquering fears and completing challenges gives young people a massive confidence boost.
    • Somewhere where they exercise and have fun at the same time?
      Climbing is one of the most efficient ways to expend energy. Your young people will be getting fit and be having fun.
    • Somewhere that will put a massive smile on their faces?
      Laughter and big smiles are guaranteed!
    • Somewhere that’s safe and supervised?
      All climbers are clipped into a safety rope system. These take in the slack as you climb and then lower you gently to the ground.

At Climb Quest, we provide all this for Milton Keynes Youth Groups.

Dedicated to fun and safety for youth groups in Milton Keynes

Our mission is to provide fun and entertainment for children and adults of all ages. Don’t let the pandemic get you down! Find out more about safe, fun activities for youth groups  in Milton Keynes.

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